GRIPD Surf Traction Pads – Eco Friendly – Pack of 30


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As you may be aware, here at Dark Turtle we are firm believers in Eco Friendly products. It will always be our aim to provide products which we fully believe in and which cause as little harm to the environment as possible. So we’ve recently teamed up with GRIPD to provide these unreal surfboard traction pads. We’ve tried them out and we absolutely love them as an alternative to traditional surfboard wax.

The hexagonal pads are made right here in the UK and so the impact on the environment from shipping them in is greatly reduced. They are also free from phthalates, plasticisers and PVC’s. GRIPD is an elastomeric polymer that will not break-down and pollute the environment and the backing is made from PET so it is widely recycled.

The carboard used in the production of the product packaging is recycled and the inks are vegetable oil-based.

We’ve found these pads to provide excellent grip, particularly with surf boots on and the pads are also clear which means that your board looks absolutely fire all of the time. No more brown sticky wax!!

We would advise to use the pads in conjunction with a tail pad and make sure you completely remove all existing wax before sticking these on your board by using either alcohol or a surfboard degreaser. The pads come with a handy guide to help you apply them. For boards up to 7 foot we would recommend one pack of 30, for longer boards you will definitely need 2 packs!


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